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Our Stack

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Modern Web UI
Front End SPA Framework
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Node JS
Javascript for the Backend
.NET Core
Web APIs and MVC Websites
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Performant Relational DB
Top Tier Cloud Provider & DevOps
Version Control for Champions

What makes a Stackologist?

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Real World Success
A track record of wins with the tech being requested is non-negotiable. If you want a junior dev to fill in your remaining budget, please look elsewhere. Fewer, more qualified devs is better than potentially many mediocre ones. We only deal with senior level devs that produce quality work in a respectable time frame. Our footprint should be small but our impact mammoth!
Certified IT professional nerding out at computer
Certifiably Competent
A resume isn't satisfactory enough and neither is just a qualitative interview. Each dev is grilled for their competency specifically in the project-related technologies. We give a matching score and share it with the client. We hold clients accountable too! A dev shouldn't be burdened by complying to a lengthy tech stack list in a job description if they don't end up using those technologies. It's abusive to "cover all your bases" to compensate for laziness and/or incompetence in planning. We do not tolerate this unethical business practice which can only trigger a vicious cycle of dishonesty. We don't conduct business with these types of people.
Mountains of code in developer terminal
Understands the "Big Picture"
Time is money! There is a misconception that mountains of code equates to a "better" experience and future payoff. In a competitive world, the successful players strategically weigh cost (time and money) with need, want, and the resources available for size of business (feature depth, complexity of infrastructure, software architecture decisions, etc.). Regardless of the project, our Stackologists won't write a single line of code until we give you an assessment of which strategy we believe is most sensible for you.

Areas of Expertise

Matching Devs with Clients
Our philosophy is that clients should face the same level of scrutiny as developers do. We thoroughly vet clients and devs alike. Our goal is simple: find a suitable client-developer pairing. If one doesn't exist, we don't force a relationship.
Blazing Fast Mobile & Desktop
Slow pages cripple conversion. Roughly 50% of users abandon after waiting 3 seconds. We implement modern, speedy UI frameworks to optimize your site's performance.
Local SEO
Grow brand awareness and your online presence. We're headquartered out of NE Minneapolis and support local businesses in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and the greater Twin Cities community.

Areas of Expertise